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Agile Performance Holarchy (APH)

Organizations understand the benefits and real value produced by leveraging an agile framework, but unless you have all of the pieces in place the puzzle will never be complete. Some organizations try it, and when it doesn't go smoothly they abandon it. Others make it work but want to take their agility to the next level.

As an Agile CxO Transformation Partner, no matter where you are in your agile journey systembox is here to help.

The State of Agile

Successful agile transformation starts at the top with leadership establishing the infrastructure and environment needed for agile adoption. The Agile Performance Holarchy (APH) provides leaders with organizational and behavioral guidelines that enable you to build, evaluate and sustain great agile habits and behaviors.

Build great products while sustaining agility and integrity

Establish a behavioral architecture for healthy, self-organizing teams

Support agile values, incremental improvements and ensure high quality products

Build strong partnerships with customers and sustain and agile vision for product & service delivery

Provide an infrastructure for successful enterprise agility

The APH is not a process, but an operating system comprised of interdependent actions and outcomes that manifest themselves as behaviors, ceremonies and techniques performed by team members and organizational leaders. The components of the APH include:

  • Performance Circles

  • Holons

  • Objectives

  • Actions

  • Ceremonies / Techniques

The APH is comprised of 6 Performance Circles and 18 independent Holons. Each Holon contains a set of outcomes that are used to evaluate, improve and sustain high performance. Tailorable to fit the needs of your organization, you can be appraised against as few as one Performance Circle, or against all six.


The outcomes are categorized into 3 levels:

  • Adopting

  • Transforming

  • Mastering

These levels are used during the APH certification process to evaluate and describe your agile performance.